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Marble slabs are flat and wide plates obtained by processing natural marble blocks and are generally used in wall and floor coverings. The use of marble slabs is common in the fields of architecture and interior decoration. Aesthetically appealing, marble’s durability and elegance make it a popular choice. Additionally, being available in different colors and patterns diversifies the decoration options.


Marble flooring is a prestigious option that adds elegance and durability to a space. Various colors and patterns of natural marble are offered in a wide range that can adapt to any space. While it adds aesthetic elegance, it maintains its quality for many years thanks to its durable structure. Each pavers is unique, making each space special.


Leather-look marble combines the unique and luxurious appearance of natural stone with an aesthetic that reflects the warm and inviting texture of leather. This special type of marble adds a sophisticated atmosphere to spaces and provides a modern and stylish appearance. In addition, thanks to its durable structure, it maintains its useful life for many years and is preferred for its easy maintenance. Leather-like marble creates a glamorous atmosphere by adding a unique character and richness to spaces.


Marbles produced as tumbled finish pavers are special products that reflect the elegant and rustic appearance of natural stone. These marbles are processed by rolling them in special drums or machines and softening their corners and edges, thus obtaining an old and natural appearance. Tumbled finish pavers are designed for use in outdoor areas such as garden paths, terraces and landscaping. These marbles, each with unique patterns and colors, add character and elegance to spaces while preserving their natural beauty.